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Recycling Storage - Large A84


NO SMELL! Designed with air circulation. Rust Proof/Stainless Steel fasteners. 100% Cedar. PEST PROOF!.


Handcrafted from top grade natural cedar and rustproof hardware. All Bin Solutions products are built to withstand the tests of time.

For smaller families w/ additional storage.

Handy storage for rakes, shovels and brooms.

Both doors open so all containers are accessible at once.

3 point heavy duty latch with key.

Adjustable legs allow for level installation in almost any solid surface.

  • Model : 78-128A
  • Raccoon Proof : Yes
  • Outside Dimension : 84" Wide x 33"Deep x 64"HighQuote request
  • Inside Dimension : 80" Wide x 29"Deep x 41"High
  • Custom Sheds are also Available

Recycling Storage - Large A84

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